Green Chilli Rates: Rs 400/Kg | Traders' and Consumers' Woes

In various parts of the country, such as West Bengal and Delhi-NCR, the prices of vegetables have skyrocketed. Specifically, the price of green chilies and ginger has reached an alarming Rs 400 per kg.

Green Chilli Rates: Rs 400/Kg | Traders' and Consumers' Woes

The arrival of chilies in Chennai has witnessed a significant drop, leading to a surge in prices up to Rs 350 per kg. The scarcity of green chilies has created unprecedented demand, resulting in an exorbitant price hike.

Alongside chilies and ginger, the prices of other vegetables have also risen by 30 to 50 percent. Green peas, for instance, are now retailing at around Rs 280 per kg. However, the demand for green peas remains relatively low.

Insights from Traders

Javed Ali, a member of Okhla Mandi Samiti, stated, "Vegetable traders in the markets are grappling with substantial losses due to adverse conditions. Heavy rainfall has caused widespread spoilage of vegetables across different locations. Moreover, delays in transportation from the northern hilly regions have further compounded the issue. Consequently, the demands from hotels and other establishments have significantly decreased."

According to Kamal Dey, president of the West Bengal Vendors Association, the surge in prices can be attributed to extreme heat and inadequate rainfall, resulting in crop shortages. Dey expressed optimism that prices would stabilize within the next two weeks as the monsoon rains are expected to revive vegetation.

Green Chilli Rates: Rs 400/Kg |

Green Chillies Surge to Rs 400 per Kg

Experts anticipate that new crops will enter the market in the next 10-14 days, potentially alleviating the situation to some extent. However, the sharp increase in vegetable prices has added strain to household budgets and could impact the Reserve Bank of India's plans for interest rate cuts if inflation exceeds the targeted level of approximately 4 percent.

Recognizing the severity of the issue, the West Bengal government has directed its retailing network, Sufal Bangla, to offer vegetables at fair prices in the city. Tomatoes are currently being sold at Rs 115 per kg, while green chilies are priced at Rs 240 per kg.

Farmers in Andhra Pradesh, a major chili supplier, have shifted to other crops due to poor prices during the last harvest. As a result, most of the chilies arriving in Chennai now come from Karnataka, further impacting the supply and prices.

The uncertainty surrounding vegetable supplies has left retailers at the mercy of the weather, resulting in a significant decline in their earnings. As consumers grapple with rising vegetable prices, both the government and traders remain hopeful that the situation will improve with the continuation of monsoon rains and the arrival of new crops in the markets.